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The foundational goal of the GSC is to integrate gender studies into the common curriculum at Siauliai University, and pilot a Gender Equality Plan. Every semester the GSC offers undergraduate electives that are open to students from all SU departments. The courses are distributed among several academic subjects: feminist philosophy, gender sociology, image studies and culture, feminist literature critique, women career development, psychology of work-life reconciliation and women’s health. The research on gender performed in the centre over past ten years has produced a number of studies. The main research topics: strategies for overcoming gender stereotypes in education system, pilot research of work-life reconciliation at university and in rural areas in EQUAL projects, social modelling of integrating of women into labour market, women’s career, women’s participation in S&T decision-making, gender mainstreaming strategies, instruments and equality indicators in academy, gender-sensitive indicators in the FIE management, measurement of Structural Funds impact on gender equality, empowering women engineers careers in FP6 project PROMETEA cross-cultural validation of research instruments at FP7: FIELENA. ISWA,INTEGER. etc. Gender Studies Centre is working with local and national NGO’s (Women’s Information Centre, Vilnius Women’s Crisis Centre, Specialized Help Centres for Women, etc.) in helping / consulting women suffering from domestics violence and designing and evaluating various national and EU/EC projects in the subject area. The main experience and expertise working with gender equality in decision-making bodies in private sector for the GSC is drawn from the past project “Closing Gender Gap in Economic Decision – Making in Lithuania” of the EC PROGRESS Programme. The aim of the project was to approach, measure and communicate relevant measures to improve women representation in positions of management and leadership.

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