FP7 Project INstitutional Transformation for Effecting Gender Equality in Research (2011-2016)

The aim of the project INTEGER  is to engage problems of gender equality in academia and research institutions involving every part of them – managers, researchers, administrative staff exc. This is only possible by pointing out matters and answering them. Using seminars, internal and external experts partners will learn the needs of women and share their experience in order to grasp the best approach.

Four key areas of intervention and analysis are to be implemented during the span of the project. By concentrating on these aspects each organisation will employ The Transformational Action Plans which will a help to create a user-friendly and effective implementation model in accordance to each partners’ necessities.

Project INTEGER is coordination and support action – type project funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme its duration will last from 2011 to 2015.


FP7 Project ISWA Immersion in the Science Worlds through Arts (2011-2013)

The objective of the project is to use art to communicate emotions related to the understanding of nature and to stimulate students create artistic initiatives able to demonstrate commonalities of artistic and scientific fascination. The objective will be pursued according to two strictly related aspects:
1)produce artistic works based on scientific phenomena at a professional level;
2)stimulate students of EC schools to produce their own works and to organize an international competition to prize the best ones. (We consider this a form of very deep and long lasting interactive action that we prefer to the sometimes superficial and ephemeral interactive processes available in some popularization science exhibitions).
Practically we intend to realize artistic events based on scientific issues per each of the following artistic disciplines:
1)Modern dance
3)Contemporary art
The produced art work will be exploited in a double way:
a)By presenting them in live events in the different countries involved in the project addressing not only the targeted category of persons (high school students (15-18 years), but also the general public;
b)By organizing a competition among the EU high school students for each of the 5 considered discipline (with a consequent interactive process involving potentially thousands of students).
The consortium includes several scientists, artists, art critics, film directors, actors, musicians and specialists in science popularization, who will work together to achieve the goals synthetically above reported. The activities will be coordinated by the project leader who is, at the same time, a well known scientist and a person active since long time in several artistic activities. Universities, research institutes, dance schools, museums, theatres will be involved, together with the famous European Synchrotron Radiation Facility which hosts every year thousands scientists, including Nobel price winners.



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